Josh Homes - A Lifetime Poet

"BettyBoop Designs"

Bleeding Wounded Heart

Parading and saying their thoughts uttered by teeth that clinch 
Graves and hell failing to be solely for the weak 
Grasping the jaws of skeletons 
They preach demanding the jaws to speak 

There hang the portraits of the forgotten 
Down this long hallway of silent screams 
Forced to follow the blood trail yet again 
Forever trapped in every drop it seems 

Leading to a room far behind the bars 
Here she cages the minds of the forgotten 
Figures peeking and slipping through the key holes in the door 
There has the blood trail ended beside the holes in the floor 

Another suffering in her capture from hope that was shown 
That soul fighting this battle within the body and another without 
Grasping at his chest I saw him seeping down into the unknown 
Only her hand could reach to save, to hold, his hand reaching out 

Forever he'll yearn for this one 
With every last breath, without her 
Wounded and downward his blood does still run 
Bleeding to death, without her
1999 - Josh Holmes


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