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Happy Anniversary HOTT Misfits!

Friendships aren't about being there when it's convenient,
they are about being there when it's not.

The Hott and Misfit Team have been around a good 20 plus years,
we go way back to the zone days, that's a lot of spades games.

I'd like to thank each member of this team (past or present)
for being here when it counts. You all mean a great deal to me and our team
would not be the same without any of you.

We took two great teams (The HOTTS & The Misfits) and made them One.
Such a great idea!

Each of us has endured our share of hardships,
when it comes right down to it we know we always have someone watching our backs and
that we do care about each other.

As the saying goes: Side by side or miles apart, friends are always close in heart.

"Happy Anniversary" to all you Wonderful Hott Misfits.
We are more than just a team, we are Family!

With Love,
Misfit_10acious (in Spirit & always with us, HOTT_Pepper)

It's Tourney Time!!

Regular NDN

Bid what you think you can make.

8 hands all rounds

Table Setting:  Regular NDN


Copy and paste code to html area of tourney page.

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Suggested Color Scheme:
Background color: 000000
Link color: 9E705C
Text color: FFFFFF
Header background color: 000000
Header text color: FFFFFF
Small header color: 9E705C
Title color:  FFFFFF