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Time to start thinking about trading in your Buick for....

Your NEW RIDE!!!!



and Let's GET JIGGY WITH it...  Kyle


Happy Birthday to one of the Sweetest Men I know! Have an awesome day and stay blessed. Happy Birthday Dear Friend,
Always, 10acious xoxo

Happy Birthday Buick, I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day, hugggs classybarbie

Nuttin can be said that not been said about Buick b4 lol,he fun spades player for sure ,enjoyed being on same team

Dear HB Hope you are having the best birthday ever! James you are a large part of the glue that holds tunes together. Your kind and giving and never judgmental. Your really funny to be around and sometimes even funnier to observe. You are a dependable and steadfast friend and for that I thank you. And by the way, your spades skills aren’t too shabby either!! Happy B day and many more to come.
Love Ya, Maven

Happy Birthday James---we have had lots of fun and our ups and downs...but you are a great guy and I wish you the happiest birthday ever!!!!!
Hugggggssss _Starz_

Happy Birthday My Love!! Every single day since we met you have filled my days with laughter and love. When we met I thought oh here we go not another Person im getting set up with lol. But I figured out fast that you are definitely not just another guy. Even on my down days when I'm stressed and you know I am you do your best to make it better for ME. You have changed my life and I hope I have changed yours for the good. I hope today is as special as you are. Always remember What's Mine Is Yours!! I love you More every single Day..
XoXo Kristi

Happy Birthday Buick_GNX!!! You are such a blessing to me and the CarTunes team. Thank you for your support and being a great friend.
Hope you have a lot of fun on your birthday!


Happy Birthday - James! Just so you know - each year they are different. You get older - and hopefully - wiser. I want a Spades Win out of you. Don't you forget it. Taste_It_ForMe

Happy Birthday James….hope you have an awesome day!!Dixie_Bee

Happy Birthday James I hope you have a wonderful day,Love you _Goofy_

Happy Birthday Buick_gnx from all your friends in FFA and the Cartunes Team!

It's Tourney Time!!


Bid your hand- NDN
8H All Rounds

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