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May your Special day be
Surrounded by Happiness,
Filled with Laughter,
Brightened with Fun & Remembered
with Joy.
"Happy Birthday Jim"
Love 10acious, The Hott Misfit Team
& your Friends in FFA

For Christmas we will run 3 contests rewarding TC

play Friday, December 14 to Monday, December 25.

For FFAS - we have 1 contests for TC play -

the player who plays the most TCs will win a prize

For FFA - we have 1 contest for teams and 1 for individuals.
The player who plays the most TCs will win a prize

The team that earns the most points will win a TC of Choice

Each team that joins will earn a point.

Each team may earn maximum of one point per TC.

For instance, if Rox has 3 entries in a TC, the team earns only one point for THAT TC.

Other prizes to be announced.

It's Tourney Time!!

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Color Scheme:
Background color: 000000
Link color: ADBFDD
Text color: ffffff
Header background color: ADBFDD
Header text color: 000000
Small header color: ADBFDD
Title color:  ffffff