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Monthly Contest

Please fill out the FORM 1 per month ONLY

If you are a member of our GEM Memberships, you will have more spots on the Wheel!

October's Contest well be held on November 8th due to the fact that Boop will be out of town.

Octobers contest Is...

 Win One, Gift One

The Wheel will pick 3 Winners. 

Each Winner will receive 1 Free Page Plus 1 Free Page to Gift to someone else in league.

Just have the Gifted Person fill out the Form for a page.. and have them put your name in the Gifted area.

Best of Luck to all!

Remember you can't win, if you don't play

Winners will get email from me with instructions, and I will post it on our chatbox. 

Then add your name to the work schedule and await your form!