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Opus Team

Successes and accomplishments

Strong and close friendships. Croatoan Radio

came out of the friendships made on the team OPUS.


Our esteem captains motto was "trust no one" but since he's been with OPUS for ten long years, his motto is "I'm an open book".  As far as the team, we follow his lead (sorta)

How did team come together?

We started OPUS because the team we were on, would not play with everyone, they would pick and choose, who they would play with and against.

Overture became captain because no one wanted the job, and he remained calm under conflict. (most of the times)

OPUS was conceived in 2006, so we are ten years old!  We have been with FFA since Feb 2014

Fun stories

Early on in our team's existence, and O being a new captain, we had a member named Lisa.  Very good spades player, but a tad high strung and lots of drama.  She had never been in a team before, didn't like the rules.  One time when she lost the game, she refused to report and refused to leave the table.  Called the admin Spade Nazis, and O had to diffuse the situation.  Pretty much that was the end of Lisa with OPUS.

When we were looking for members for OPUS, we approached Sonata aka Sassy Pants.  She said she would join, but warned us up front, she doesn't stay long on teams, and would be moving along to other teams – its just what she did.  Well that was probably eight years ago, or so.

OPUS had a very close relationship with Hott Pepper.  We all still miss her.

Although we are a small group, we are all friends. 

We have been together for a long time, except for sparkley, she's a new recruit, but a good friend as well.


It's Tourney Time!!

Format: Frizz

Bid Spades, 4 Or Nil

8 Hands All Rounds

Table Setting:  Frizz 8 hands NDN

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