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It's Tourney Time!!   

Krazyemerald County Fair!

Where and when the first fair was held is not known, however, evidence points to the existence of fairs as early as 500 BC.
More recently, less than 300 years after Columbus finished his work in the New World, the first North American fair was presented in Windsor, Nova Scotia. In the not-yet formed United States, a fair was chartered in York (Pennsylvania) in 1765 and it existed as a 2-day agricultural market.

Let us go explore our local county fairs. There are 20 attractions commonly found most fairs now. Come play a double and if your team wins you get to mark off one item. Come on folks this going to fun!!!!

Here are the times
@ 12am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 7pm , 10pm.
You must win each item once
They will be marked FAIR 1 thru 20
You can follow by
checking your progess here.



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