"BettyBoop Designs"

Hand 1: Whiz Bid Spades or Nil

Hand 2: Reflection Bid the same as your pard

Hand 3: Ace Game Ace of spades bids 2. All others bid spades

Hand 4: Highball Bid regular play high to low

Hand 5: Deuce Player with 2 of spades bids 2. All others bid regular.

Hand 6: SWAMP-Bid 3.4 or Nil

Hand 7: UNO All bid 1.

Hand 8: LOWBALL-Bid 3 and play low to high

Hand 9: SUICIDE One pard nils and the other bids regular ndn

Hand 10: ACE's CHOICE-Person with the Ace of Spades calls format for this hand. Choose any format from 1-9.

Hand 11: THRILL-Bid 3 or go nil

Hand 12: Bid Reg NDN.

Hand 13: DN. Everyone bids double nil

Losing Score -300 Winning Score 500

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