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It's Tourney Time!

Two Ladies

They sit upon their shaded porch, 

A respite from the day, 

Living history under eaves, 

There sitting on display. 

They look out on the fields and trees, 

The land that held their soul, 

Two ladies resting from their work, 

The young of long ago. 

Their apron stained with this and that, 

Their gray heads both held high, 

Memories of a hundred years Are mirrored in their eyes. 

The wrinkled hands that held the plow 

In furrows long and straight, 

Are hands that cooled a fevered brow 

And filled a supper plate. 

Those hands rocked cradles long ago, 

To tunes we'll never know. 

Two ladies rest upon the porch, 

The young of long ago.   


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