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Welcome To My Tour!

It's Masquerade Party Time!
Join in with your friends and come to the Masquerade Party today!!
It is easy to do. The theme this time is HALLOWEEN. This will be a tourney where you register for the tourney with your league ID, BUT you come to the lobby to play with your MASK ID on.
It is not hard to do, just register your MASK ID in Safe Harbor Games, and when you do so SHG will send a link to your email to activate the new ID. (Be sure to use the same email as your master account or it will block it)
Once you have your MASK ID and can enter the lobby with it, be sure to IM the host of the tourney so they know what your ID is. Pairs for the tourney will be in the MASK ID name. If the league ID is used, that player is ineligible to take part in the event. They may play but will not be able to be voted on in the Masquerade vote for this tourney.
Be creative, funny, serious, flirty, naughty, what ever you desire. IT IS YOUR MASK, ENJOY IT!!

Copy and paste code to html area of tourney page.

Note:  This box will not appear on your page.

Suggested HTML Codes:
Background color: 3f381d
Link color: d8d1ac
Text color: ffffff
Header background color: a69743
Header text color: ffffff
Small header color: d8d1ac
Title color: ffffff