Marathon Time


 Hello to all the wonderful players in Magnificent7 


There will be loads of tourney's set for everyone to enjoy. Come on out and help us enjoy the day. 

We will be setting regular and no hits. 

There will be 1 point, 2 point and 3 point games all thru the day. 

If you join a 1 point regular or no hit, this and only this type of tourney will be with 4 players only. 

Loads will be set so no one is left out, but only 4 players in, just means its over you get the winner T.D. Donation, and another will be already set to join. 

If you see 4 players in, please join the next up.  
I kinda sorta thought, we can't all get together on July 4th to celebrate, so we will do it all on July 18th.  

The first tour to kick off our marathon will be held at midnight, you don't wanna miss it.  

If any questions or concerns about any of the tours on Saturday, July 18th please feel free to email me 

Anyone who brings a new friend to join and play will get 500 ladderbux for each person :) 

Lets show up and show out magnificent7 

This is ground breaking for new things to happen in Mag7 

I know you will not be disappointed.  
Thanks, Sandy aka sandyspot7