Our Designers

We have some wonderful Designers on our site now. This is a place where they can share images if they choose and a Bio about themselves.


Terrie  AKA BettyBoop

(Owner - Founder / HTML Go-To Person / League-Hosts Liaison / Site Trainer / Category & Host Page Designer / Site Organizer / Trainer) 

I'm Terrie, Boopstcpages, Or HM_Boop!   I have been around in Leagues for the past 27 years and Play Spades at Safe Harbor Games.  

Started out with MSN Gaming Zone back the 90's, I was a Sysop there and a Host for MSN Gaming Zone.  

I also was founder of my own Club called  CALM COOL COLLECTED.  

Having designed many pages for myself and other hosts for over the past 25 years having had a few very old sites which are no longer active.  

I didn't take it seriously until 2015  when I started BoopsTCpages.  My main goal is to give all hosts beautiful pages to use for their tourneys. 

 I've also trained many hosts to make their own,  trained many team captains on how to create their own team pages.

Over the past 27 years, I took many HTML classes and Microsoft certification classes.  

Self taught myself design using PSP, Corel Draw among other programs. Now furthering my education with even more classes in PSP, HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript.  

I always have had a desire to learn many Computer Languages.  Those include Python and SQL are among the ones I would love to learn someday.

As an Aquarian, according to Astrology, they say Aquarians are creative people.   I love being Creative, and take a lot of pride in my work.  

Some days are more creative than others.  

You can Contact me at CCC_Bettyboop@msn.com or on Trillian as BoopsTCpages 

Although it is better to contact me by E-Mail as I rarely log on to Trillian.

Lisa  AKA Sonoma 

(HTML Go-To Person / Category & Host Page Designer / Site Organizer)

I'm Lisa (aka Sonoma), I have been designing for about 10 years. 

Taught myself psp along with some good friends helping me learn new things.

I take a lot of pride in my work and sometimes will scrap a whole page because of one thing I don't like lol. 

I work ft at Wal-mart. I have been married to my soul mate for 43 years. 

A mother of one beautiful daughter.  Have two grandsons. 

I'm a cancer and live in Ohio. 

My goal is to design pages that make all of you happy. 

If you want something changed, I will be more then happy to do that.


MaryAnn AKA Mare 

(Category & Host Page Designer / Site Organizer)

NEW BIO Coming Soon



(Page Designer)

BIO Coming Soon


Missy AKA Frogo 

(Page Designer)

BIO Coming Soon



(Page Designer,  Host Page Designer)

Hi all, I'm Barb, and Live in the Phoenix Area, in AZ  I've known Boop for over 40 years.  I ran across her site

one day last year, and I contacted her to come design for her.  I like designing, but designs out of metal, my hubby and I

work on these projects together.  I do have another full time job however, which is very stressful for me at times.  On the weekends I get to work

with Metal and I find it very relaxing.  

In the past I have designed graphics for a company I worked with, I have since then left that job 30 plus years ago.  

Now I have found a new LOVE designing for Terrie.  I love what she does now and I'm so thankful she has brought me on as a designer.

Enough about me, if I design something that you don't really care for just let me know.  You can contact me

at barbhan945@hotmail.com  I don't check my email often, so it might be better if you let boop know and she can give me a call.

Thank you!


Sweet Mallory

(Page Designer, Host Page Designer)

BIO Coming Soon