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4 FUN Euchre 101 Kanasta Friends Straight Shots
29ers Euchre Ranch Keep In Touch TCC Revival
A League of Their Own Euchre Rebels Kick Back Spades Team Legacies 
A Place To Call Home Fantasy Castle KrazyEmerald The Elite Rascals Sister League
An Elite League Fanatical Family Mountain Backgammon The Little Rascals
Arena Of Fun Final Frontier Nasta_Buddies The Magnificent Seven
Baby Critters Fire and Ice  (Euchre) Nutty_Putty The Two Steppers
Bingo4BUXS ForeverFriends Pals Pino The Yahtzee Asylum
Boneheads ForeverSpades Pogo Wizards True Friends in Spades
CanastaAngels2 Fun For All Pool Dreams Twisted Spades
Canasta Freaks Funtimes Euchre  Psycho4Canasta VIP Spaders
Canasta Twisters Game On Rebels World League
Comrades Ginstars SpadesAddiction XXX-TREME SPADERZ  
crib addicts Good Times Euchre SpadeAholics  
DCR DEVILS AND MORE Harley Hustler's Spade Asylum  
Deja Vu   Spadescafe  
    Spade Friends  
    Spades N Friends