Our Designers


Owner / Founder of BoopsTCPages

I'm Terrie, aka BettyBoop, Boopstcpages

  I have been around in Leagues for the past 27 years and Play Spades at Safe Harbor Games, Started out with MSN Gaming Zone back in the day

I was a Sysop there and a Host for MSN Gaming Zone.  I also was founder of my own Club called  CALM COOL COLLECTED!

Having designed many pages for myself and other hosts for over 25 years,  in January of 

 2016, I decide, to make my own Tourney Site.  To give all hosts beautiful pages to use for their tourneys.  

I've also trained many hosts to make their own,  trained many team captains on how to create their own team pages.

Over the past 27 years, I took many HTML classes and Microsoft certification classes.  Self taught myself design using PSP, Corel Draw among other programs I

 have purchased over the years.  Now furthering my education with even more classes in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PSP.

As an Aquarian, according to Astrology, they say Aquarians are creative people.   I love being Creative and

I do take a lot of pride in my work.  Some days are more creative than others.  Some Days,  the ole brain just doesn't want to kick in.  

Guess we all have those what I call Brain Farts.   But, if you aren't happy with a page,  I will bend over backwards to make things

 right for every host out there.  Even will gift many pages to make up for an  OOPS BOOPS MISTAKE.  

I'm a Mother of 3 Grown Up Kids, 2 girls and 1 boy, and have 8 Grandkids and 2 Great Grandkids.  

They all live within 15 miles from me,  I'm so blessed that they all live close by.

I live in Arizona, with my Hubby  and my Rhodesian Ridgeback Dixie. (She is Very SPOILED)

You can Contact me at CCC_Bettyboop@msn.com or on Trillian as BoopsTCpages


I'm Ro(sanne), (aka "Match Design Concepts"), and have been designing for Boop since around 2017.  I've known Terrie (aka Boop!) for 27+

years - when I started playing spades in the old MSN gaming Zone.  After a few years offline, our paths crossed again.

When I became a TD, her pages were always my favorite; from the designs and her knack of picking the perfect songs, to her easy-to-understand coding -

I took 3 years of classes and graduated from "Le Cafe D'amis" - A PSP learning group.

I was an instructor, and a Tester for various tutorial writers.

I live in Illinois, with my husband, and retired in 2019.  

You can Contact me at rorapata@gmail.com. I do not use Trillian.

I am mostly online in the early mornings or late at night, but do check my emails regularly throughout the day.



I'm Lisa (aka Sonoma), I have been designing for about 10 years. 

Taught myself psp along with some good friends helping me learn new things.

I take a lot of pride in my work and sometimes will scrap a whole page because of one thing I don't like lol. 

I work ft at Wal-mart. I have been married to my soul mate for 43 years. 

A mother of one beautiful daughter.  Have two grandsons. 

I'm a cancer and live in Ohio. 

My goal is to design pages that make all of you happy. 

If you want something changed, I will be more then happy to do that.