Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer Google Chrome
1. Load your page into the address bar.

2. At the top all the way over to the right is 3 little dots.

3. Click on the 3 little dots and scroll down to settings

4. Click on settings.

5. On the left you will see Cookies and Site Permissions. click on that.

6. Scroll down to Media and Autoplay and to the right is a little > 
Click on that >

7. Then you will see a down arrow on the right side

8. You will see allow, or limit, make sure you have allow selected.

Close out settings, and refresh page you want to view.

1.  Open Internet Explorer, click the Tools button,

2.  Click Internet Options. Tap or click the Advanced tab

3.  Under Multimedia, select Play sounds in webpage.

4.  Click Apply, OK. 

Now check if you can play the mp3 files.

Internet Explorer will be going away soon and going to Edge.








1. When you load the page look up by the Address bar you will see a little Lock

2. Click on the Lock 

3. You will see then Sound with an x on it

4. From the drop down menu select Allow 

5. Then refresh page

The sound should come on.








FireFox Opera Brave

1.  Load page into address bar. 

2.  Scroll to the right by the address bar you will see   Three Horizontal lines.

3.  Click on the lines.

4.  Scroll down to settings.

5.  On the left click on Privacy and Security

6.  Scroll down to Permissions

7.  Find Autoplay and click on settings

8.  At the top is default for all websites. 
Make sure Allow Audio and Video is selected

9.  Hit Save Changes
Refresh page to hear sound

1. Open page in Opera browser

2. Click on the little Lock next to the address in address bar.

3. Scroll down to site settings

4. In site settings, Permissions, find Sound

5. Make sure you have Allow selected from drop down menu

Refresh page, to hear sound.




1. Load page in Brave Browser address bar.

2. Click on the little lock next to the address.

3. Click on sound to allow, the dot will go blue

Music should start playing!