Host Name/ Category Pages Needed Designer Status Completion Date
Amph / Reptile Category Make pages for Category ALL    
Objects Make pages for Category Ro    
Music Category Blue October Pages  coming Boop  4 of 10 pgs completed  3/24/20
KrazyEmerald League Needs Page 3rd Year Anniversary need by Apr 24th Boop    
nrgizebunny_99 Summer page with nrgize bunny on it Boop   Coming Soon  
Risky Bidness Team Page Summer Team Page  June 1st Boop    
RB_Gerry Birthday Page for RB_ohsospicy    Need before April 28th Boop    
Load RB Team page Easter  by Apr 1st Boop    
OTT Team  Team page for Spring    After Easter until the 4th of July Boop    
Music Category  Kenny Rogers Pages Boop 5 of 10 pgs completed  3/24/20
Kathy League newsletter by end of April for Mothers Day Boop    
Music Category Keith Urban Pages Boop    
Music Category Allman Brothers Band Pages Boop    
Music Category Beyonce Pages Boop    
Music Category Bon Jovi Pages Boop    
Music Category Dean Martin Pages Boop    
Music Category Def Leppard Pages Boop    
Music Category Ed Sheeran Pages Boop    
Music Category Eddy Money Pages Boop    
RB_OhSoSpicy 300th TC Win Page  by Sunday Boop Working on  
Jokerswild14888 ACHIEVEMENT AWARD BINGO Boop    
Kicklandsbaby Horse page with picture she sent me of Big Jim Boop    
Kicklandsbaby Horse page with picture she sent me of Rocket Man Boop    
VaGurl FAST FOUR WITH VaGurl   4 different pages  any thing!! Boop    
Garfield196863 Kenny Rogers page with The Gambler  purple and White Boop    

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