Work Schedule

Color Code:     Boop, Ro, Nancy, Lynn, Gayle,  Bev,  Not sure who yet

Status:  Gathering Supplies,  Working On,  Loading,  Completed

Monthly Contest

Please fill out the Form Monthly only 1 per month please.

July's THEME is CHRISTMAS IN JULY  3 Lucky winners will be selected for a CHRISTMAS PAGE!  No need to fill out form for a page

We will just create a beautiful CHRISTMAS PAGE for the 3 lucky winners!!


Will be announced on August 1st 2021 Submit Form in July for Entry  

Remember you can't win if you don't play!


Please NOTE:  We post names in the order of how we receive requests or forms.  First come, first served basis.  


Host Name / Category Page Wanted Designer Request Contact  Status

Cartoon Characters Pg 9   Ro n/a
TBD Pg ?   Ro n/a
TBD Pg ?  Ro n/a
TBD Pg ?   Ro n/a  
Zodiac Pages 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Boop n/a Working On
Underwood62 Make the 3500 4000 and 4500 same as 3000th pgs Boop Chat Working On
Birds and Bees Pg 18 and 19 Lynn n/a Working On
Jen  for August and Sept Risky Bidness F Team page with S F Boop Email Working On 
Spades n Friends New League page Boop Email Working ON 
FFA 3 TOC pages for August  Per chat with Peasy Boop Chat Working ON 
Halloween pg 27 Gayle n/a Completed
Butterflies pg 11 Gayle n/a Completed
Lilpink707 Surprise page 2 per chat in email  with song request Boop Email Working On
Summer Pg 25 Nancy N/A Working On
Halloween Page 28 Bev N/A Loading Tomorrow
Halloween Page 29 Bev N/A Loading Tomorrow
Thanksgiving Page 22 Bev N/A Working On
Fall Page 29 Bev N/A Working On
ITS Team Page Boop Chat  
ZonieOwl Move pages to spade Friends and fix names Boop Chat  
mr_creepz H M B in Black and Red  View chat Lynn Chat  
mr_creepz C page in Green and Black View Chat Lynn Chat  
mr_creepz Fix names on pages Boop Chat  
jokerswild14888 F G page with J   Boop Chat  
Lilpink707 P with pictures sent to me in email Boop Email  
sunnything_99 F F Event  View form for more info Lynn Form  
SS_EasyPeasy T B T  with pictures sent to me in email Boop Email  
SS_EasyPeasy R page for J and C R from H  in FFA Boop Email  
SS_EasyPeasy V  page for FFA Boop Email