Task Status
gitty_up_h0e  Tab  O page forgot to add it to list. Gifted 3 pages Working on  1 completed
Memorial page for Goofy  Due by Wednesday at 3 pm Working ON



 Boop - Pink,   Ro - White,   Nancy - Yellow    No Idea Yet who will do - Blue

Category Pages Needed Designer Status
Objects 5 pages Ro Gathering Supplies
Kites 5 pages Boop/Ro (2 pages) Gathering Supplies 
Music  Working on D page Boop Gathering Supplies
States and Countries 5 pages Boop Working on and Gathering Supplies
Steampunk Need pages for this category Boop/Ro (2 pages)  
Amphibians & Reptiles Need pages for this Category Boop/Ro (3 pages)  
Formats Category Yahtzee  Royal Dice Pages Boop Gathering supplies 
Formats Category Rummy,  Gin rummy, reg rummy  Pages Boop Gathering supplies 
Legends Category Fixing pages and adding to main Boop working on



Host Name / EVENT Pages Needed Designer Status
Risky Bidness  Birthday page for Ladyred    Lady in Red theme   July 26th Boop Working On
Risky Bidness 400th tc win for Ladyred  Black and Red Spades... theme  Boop Working On
Kathy Newsletters for other events  Summer,  Fall, Winter,  Halloween etc Boop Working on
Final Frontier Newsletter Boop Working On



Host Name Pages Needed Form Designer  Status
Andy    Remembrance Day Page  With Pictures sent in email.     View Email  Nov 11th Email Boop Gathering Supplies 
Andy Veterans Day Page  similar to one Above   View Email    Nov 11th Email Boop Gathering Supplies 
Lilpony 5 pages  S W and A I  Pages with song requests.   View form Yes Ro 1 of 5 Done. Remaining pages on hold per Host request
The_boss_3500   3 pages  1 BSD  1 BSD summer  1 BSD Christmas Chat Boop 1 pg done
JOKERSWILD14888 FW P  for Doubles   View form for more info.   Yes Boop Working on
Garfield RR and C page  View form for more info and song choice Yes Ro Completed
justmine1p Gift from Lilpink A  in blue, purple or red,  View form for song request Yes Ro Completed
Very_Twisted    New Host  1 free pg S G G P  view form for more info Yes Ro Working On
Very_Twisted    Contest  1 pg S W P  view form for more info Yes Boop Gathering supplies 
PresleyFan    Contest  1 pg Waiting to hear from her   Boop/Ro  
garfield196863  contest  1 pg ww u page view form for more info Yes Boop Gathering Supplies 
JonesJennifer91 winner bonus pg 1 A B and R page any color,  view Email. Email Ro Gathering Supplies
JonesJennifer91  winner bonus pg 2 WF page  view email Email Boop  
DiscoDancinDuck B B B  with her ducks.   and her duck song. :)    Yes Boop Gathering Supplies 
DiscoDancinDuck T page with song request in blues no red view form Yes Boop Gathering Supplies 
nrgizebunny_99 S T with picture sent in.   View form Yes Ro Gathering Supplies
lilpink707 S P with picture sent  in.  View form for more details Yes Boop Gathering Supplies 
sunnything99 F I T S page  View form for more details Yes Ro Gathering Supplies
biker13abe-68     New Host  3 pages 1 Ani. 2 Non Ani.  B B pages with sexy men or women  View Form Yes Boop/Ro ~ BB Page w/o ani  
underwood62    Gift from KE T page WA with underwood  View Form Yes Ro Gathering Supplies
sunnything99 P A D  Page  View Form Yes Boop/Ro  

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